If you are undertaking a massage therapy course, then you can learn many massage treatments. This article lets you know of a few popular massage therapies that are preferred all over the world and are in demand at all times. So when applying for a course ask about these massages.

1.    Remedial Therapy

Remedial massage uses a combination of various techniques that are used to tackle soft tissue and muscle problems in our body. Remedial massage uses techniques like Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation Massage, etc. it helps in body ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, migraines, injury recovery, flexibility and improvement in movement, etc.

2.    Tui Na

Tui Na is an ancient Chinese Therapeutic Massage (CTM) which is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an art form that has been in use for thousands of years and is extremely useful in reducing pain, improving blood circulation, increasing immunity and helping in some chronic ailments too.

3.    Shiatsu

Shiatsu is an ancient massage form which originated in Japan. This massage technique restores the healthy flow of energy throughout the body with the use of figures much like acupuncture, though without the needles. The word shiatsu comes from the Japanese word “shi” meaning finger and “atsu” meaning pressure. In this massage, the therapist applies pressure along the body’s energy paths known as “meridians” along with stretching, rotations, and rocking.

4.    Thai Massage

Thai Massage uses gentle pressure and stretching of the body to relieve it of pain and stress. It applies pressure to specific points along the body’s energy lines to create a balance of positive energy and flexibility. You can see the full Thai massage here.

5.    Sports Massage

Sports massage is an intensive form of the relaxing Swedish massage. It is especially suitable for treating sports injuries as it increases blood circulation and helps in muscle recovery. It is an especially good massage after a strenuous work out at the gym as it prevents body soreness and aches.


·         Swedish

Swedish massage is one of the most popular massages. It uses five strokes to improve blood circulation, relieves stress and body pain, improves flexibility and eases muscle tension. Swedish massage is an oil-based massage that uses long gliding strokes, kneading individual muscles, hacking, tapping or vibrations. It is the foundation for sports massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massages amongst others.

·         Esalen

Esalen is one of the more relaxing massages that helps if you have insomnia, body pains, migraines, etc. Esalen is especially helpful because of the oil that is used and this massage a similar technique as used in Swedish massage.

·         Hot Stone Massages

This is a new favorite amongst spa-goers. This massage therapy uses heated lava stones which are generally basalt stones to be placed along the energy lines of your body. These stones have therapeutic properties as they absorb and retain heat very well. This helps in muscle recovery, improved blood circulation, and ease body aches.

·         Reflexology

In reflexology, it is believed that our hands and feet are our body maps and so using the thumb and fingers the therapist applies pressure to specific points on the hands and feet to target certain areas of the body. This does not use any lotion or oil and is a popular massage treatment.

·         Acupressure

Acupressure is a combination of acupuncture and pressure. It is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment in which pressure is applied to specific acupuncture points with the help of hands, fingers, elbows or other devices.

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